Before registering and using the service of Beescs, please read the terms of use carefully. These terms and conditions apply to the use of the service as well as all information and policies provided to customers on the application and website of Beescs.

Procedures for sending postal items

  • Open postal items for transactors to check contents and accompanying vouchers.

  • Package postal packages in accordance with Beescs (BSC), weigh, seal, compare freight with the price list, and enclose all invoices and documents.

  • Fill in all information, sign, write full name on the front and back of the submission form.

  • Save 3 submissions.

Sender’s Rights

  • Be provided with full information by Beescs related to the entire service delivery process.

  • To be ensured by Beescs to ensure confidentiality and safety for the Post during the whole delivery process in accordance with the law.

  • To be resolved by Beescs for complaints, and satisfactorily resolved about the used provisioned services. – To be compensated by Beescs for damage depending on the reality of each case.

Obligations of the Sender

  • To check Service charges in a timely manner.

  • Do not send postal items that have not been circulated on the market, banned goods, goods restricted from transportation/trading, or goods subject to business with conditions, but a permit cannot be provided.

  • Customers are obliged to open goods and coordinate with Beescs in checking and sealing goods when sending goods.

  • Take responsibility before Beescs and the law for the content of the Post, the invoice, the proof of origin of the Post, and the attached documents.

  • To be responsible for dealing with and dealing with a competent agency when the postal article is temporarily seized or confiscated.

  • Provide full invoices and documents of the Post to Beescs when sending items.

  • Beescs will be exempt from the liability of compensation in case the item is temporarily seized or confiscated by the competent authority because there is no legal invoice or document attached.

  • Packing postal items in accordance with each specification, size, and nature of each item, especially for Buu sent, which are fragile items.

  • Provide full instructions related to the postal article; information relating to the Sender, the Recipient on the Item.

  • Compensate for actual damage to Beescs and related third parties when the damage occurs originating from the Customer/Sender in accordance with the law.

  • Responsible for all information related to the Receiver that the Customer assigns to Beescs. In case there is an error in the Receiver’s information or the Customer’s information is not in accordance with the Receiver’s request, the Customer is responsible for dealing with the Receiver, and at the same time, the Customer must still pay the Service Fee for the Order based on the roadmap taken.

  • At its own expense, to be responsible for settling issues related to disputes over ownership of the Items and its origin with any third party; or the Receiver’s complaint about the goods being defective or not in accordance with the requirements.

Receipt and resolution of complaints Statute of limitations for complaints

  • Items are damaged, damaged, postage, other content: 01 month from the date the item is delivered successfully.

  • Loss, delivery delay: 06 months from the end of the transit time.

  • The time for settling complaints is no more than 2 months for domestic postal articles; no more than 03 months for international items.

  • BeeSCs receives and processes complaints by: dispatches, 18008266 switchboard, or direct tellers.